Decluttering, the Emotional Agony And Rewards


I once wrote in a personal profile description, that I could solve the Middle East peace problem easier than I could organize my office. Still remains true today.

The time has come, for real this time, to confront the unruly piles of papers, boxes filled with stuff, half sorted through projects, files of “miscellaneous”, books (oy the books!), office supplies, and all kinds of organizing contraptions that were destined to bring order to the chaos.

The other night I shared my intention to clear my office during a meeting of my business mastermind group. A colleague said she had the cleanest house ever when she was avoiding working on a project, and asked if perhaps I was avoiding something. Her point was valid. I have friends that clean and organize when they are avoiding something or feel out of control in other areas of their life. I, however, much to my husband’s dismay, never have that problem. I have plenty of other avoidance tactics, but cleaning is not one of them. In fact quite the opposite.

When it comes to manifesting, “clearing one’s space” is a common process. One must get rid of the old to bring in the new. I know this deep into my bones. I use this with my clients in my coaching practice. It’s my own implementation, however, that remains a challenge. When I have done it, I have experienced amazing results! But, just like knowing that eating a heaping plate of veggies will feel better than a plate of fried chicken, I don’t always do what is best for myself.

I have attention deficit disorder. I have had it since I was a kid but we didn’t know what it was back then. I never had the hyperactivity part of it. My mom would send me up to my room and tell me to clean it and I would just kinda play around because I couldn’t create order out of all the stuff. It came to light in a big way when I was in 7th grade and my parents found out I was 25 assignments behind in math. I couldn’t focus in math and the teacher, Mrs. Lewin, yelled a lot and when she did, spit would come through her teeth. Yeah, it was gross and made it even harder to focus—except for the kids in the front row who needed rain ponchos to protect themselves.  Not much was done about my undone assignments, but my mom kept a closer watch and made sure that my math book made its way from the bottom of the steps after school into my room, where it was presumed to be opened and worked on.

One of the reasons I love working in the Akashic Record, the vibrational record of the soul’s journey, is that it is a great focusing tool. Opening the Record is a very clear, direct process. The energy comes in to support the process and helps me to concentrate. It helps my monkey mind stay focused on what is most important to support me in the now while giving glimpses into what is possible. I feel empowered and energized. On more than one occasion—, okay, on lots of occasions—. I get the guidance to clear my space….especially my office. Now, there are ways of energetically clearing space that is very helpful, but physically getting rid of what is no longer serving you is one of the most powerful things you can do. And for me, one of the hardest.

When I clear my space, it is all about decisions and it is confrontive. In my office I have years’ and years’ worth of projects—some completed, some not. I have notes on tons of calls, webinars, and course work. Client files, program files, books that held such promise that were never completed, some not even opened. Report cards and projects from my daughter, travel information, tax information, receipts, recipes, insurance policies, journals, love letters,  heaps of half-filled notebooks that surely contain brilliant life- changing information! There are the piles of things to read, to do, inspiration, thank you cards, prayers, and pictures. Workshop paraphernalia, travel memorabilia, magazines, craft supplies, essential oils, flower essences, supplements, nail polish, even a pillow for the cat! Yes, I know all these things don’t belong in my little 10’x10’ office, but here they sit along with countless other tchotchkes.

Before I can even organize, I have to go through and purge and sort. I checked the calendar and no one really has to come over for the next 2 weeks. Phew! I have now taken over the living room with boxes, bags, papers, and other stuff from the office. My daughter wanted to watch TV last night and, as she looked around for a place to sit,.   I yelled, “ – DON”T TOUCH ANYTHING!” Of course, the cats don’t respect the clearing process. They climb into the sorted boxes and chase balls, knocking over the painstakingly sorted piles. Last night, as my husband strategically searched for a place to move a few things so he could squeeze into a tiny corner of the couch, I said,. “You know this is the hardest thing in the world for me to do.” He nodded. He has lived with me a long time. Thankfully, he also gets how important it is for me to do this.  artwork-142877_1280

One day down and this organizing project has already brought up lots of emotion. My office has been a holding tank of my past—old dreams, disappointments, triumphs. This process is forcing me to make a lot of decisions, helping me to release some of the past, and supporting me in gaining clarity on what I want to create now. Making decisions is one of the most empowering things we can do! As Tony Robbins says, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

I have only gotten through a minuscule chunk so far, but I am not giving up this time. I am committed to eating that elephant one bite at a time. Bon appétit!

I invite you to check out my latest offering on Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire through the Akashic Record. Don’t wait! It is coming up very soon! Make the decision to shape your destiny!

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire…Through the Akashic Record


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Embracing Your Gifts – “Woo Woo” and All


It doesn’t just roll off the tongue. For nearly 20 years the cornerstone of the work I do has been a challenge to describe in a 30 second elevator speech…an answer when someone asks the ubiquitous question, “What do you do?” I often narrow it down to 5 words – “I do personal growth coaching.” Which is in essence true, but doesn’t give people much information. And from a marketing perspective, it is far from compelling. But it is easy, and a great way to deflect further inquiry and turn the conversation back toward the other person.

I have always felt a great kinship to Jonah, the biblical prophet. Jonah, given an assignment by G-d, said, “Nah, I don’t think so.” And then, something about a huge storm and being swallowed up by a whale convinced him otherwise. Jonah tried to run from his calling and, in many ways, I have done that, too. Seeking safety in my comfort zone, crawling inside the belly of the whale, getting tossed out on occasion only to find myself crawling back in and bemoaning about being stuck inside.

So what is the calling? I have been given many great gifts – as we all have been given.  One of these gifts is being able to access this powerful, wonderful, body of energy called “The Akashic Record.” The Akashic Record is the vibrational record of every soul and their journey since the soul’s inception. It is a record of everything that has happened in the world and it’s talked about in most major religions. In a very tiny, tiny nutshell – it can be accessed for guidance and healing to empower you to live your best life, create a deeper connection to Spirit (whatever that means for you) and come into greater alignment with your soul. It is something I initially learned from someone else over 20 years ago and, through a series of events which included a lot of letting go, trusting, being brave and saying YES, a new process was given to me by Spirit which  allowed me greater freedom. This is a process I use for myself, work one on one with clients, and teach to others.

When I first learned this, I was living in Chicago with a “normal job.” I was a local executive director of a national non-profit. One day, a colleague from the national office was in town to help with a big project we were working on. I shared with her what I had learned and said if she was ever interested, I could do a session for her with the Records. She was game, and later that night we met in the far back of the office – lights out, candle lit, hoping the 80 year old board member that lived in the apartment above the office wouldn’t make an appearance. He didn’t, but that was a benchmark of me walking between these two seemingly conflicting worlds. The pull to focus on this new work was getting stronger. One day, I was sitting in the office of the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for the City of Chicago discussing our project with her along with a few of my colleagues. She had the most magnificent palatial office overlooking Lake Michigan that I had ever seen. It was a huge win for us to have the commissioner’s support for our project. I kept thinking I should be so excited, this is something I have worked hard for, a project I strongly believe in, but as I gazed out the window into the deep blue waters of the Lake…I just felt emptiness.

With support and guidance from the Akashic Record, prayer, along with my own knowing deep in my heart, I was able to leave that job to focus on this new work. My colleagues and family thought I was a little crazy but most came to respect that it was the right move for me. Along the way, I would take short “time outs” where I would do some temporary work for additional financial support and to figure out what was next.

During the last time out before I moved from Chicago, I met Joe. We were both working in an office of a mega health care company doing financial analysis work. Joe was a minor league baseball pitcher. He was taking his own time out during the off season to earn some money before spring training began. Joe’s cubical was on the other side of mine and at 6’6”, he stood out even while sitting down.  We didn’t talk much, but on a break he shared that he had been having shoulder pain and the team doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I shared with him something to the effect of – our physical pain can be caused by unresolved emotions and manifest in our bodies and suggested he might want to look at that for himself.  I sat down to get back to work and a few minutes later Joe appeared at my cubical, pencil and paper in hand. He started reading back to me what he had written down. It began “Julee says…” and it was verbatim what I had just told him. He wanted to make sure he had gotten it right. I was in shock. It was metaphysics 101 and nothing I thought of as profound, but it was all very new to Joe. I confirmed what he said was correct and he went back to his cubical. I just sat there unable to work. A little voice inside of me said – go offer to help him. So I went over to him and said, I may be able to help you see what the pain is about. It didn’t feel right to do a typical session for him in this environment, but we agreed to talk soon after work. The next day, I went over to him after everyone else had left for the day. I was guided to put my hands near his chest and shoulder, but not touch him, just focus on the energy. I started getting visions of his mother.  So I told him and asked about her.  It was his turn to be shocked as his mother had passed away and he was having a hard time working through his feelings. He kept talking about what was coming up for him as I allowed the energy to flow through me. The next day he came in and his shoulder was feeling much better. He also had more awareness’s about his relationship with his mother and others in the family. I typically don’t do this when I work with people with the exception of when I teach a workshop to help people integrate the energy. I believe I was guided to do it this time as a teaching for both of us.

It was through working with Joe that I knew I had to make a change and leave the comfort of the temp job, and of Chicago, and move toward my heart’s desire.

A couple of years ago, I launched a new program – Journey to Meet Your Mate, Aligning Heart, Mind and Soul to manifest your perfect match! I felt passionate about helping woman as I had gone through my own transformation to get ready to meet my husband and then welcome our daughter. I thought I would finally be able to leave the “Woo Woo” behind and be able to offer something that people would understand easily. However, my journey proved that in order to serve people in the highest way, and be the best coach I could be, I had to integrate my special gifts no matter how “out there” it may seem to some people. It’s the only way I can be true to my soul and spirit and stay out of the whale’s belly. I also realized that the gifts I carry are only tools. In the end, we all have to do the work. It is not so much about the tool we use, but about the masterpiece we create.

I have decided to create some new offerings and break free from the rules I have set for myself in the past. First up, Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire through the Akashic Record.  Check out the details on the link below

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through the Akashic Record

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Prayer for Oneness

I wrote this Prayer for Oneness many years ago. It was inspired by observing a group of people who were fearful of anyone who did not believe as they did. While I was teaching a workshop this weekend, I shared the prayer and was reminded of its timeliness.

Read the prayer and if it speaks to you, please share it.


Dear God,

Help me see the oneness of mankind.

Let me not sit in judgment of others

for I know my judgment of them is a reflection

of my own inadequacies.

Let me know that there is but one heartbeat

that beats to the pulse of your Divine spark.

Let me see this spark in everyone I meet today.5917148794_e31d553b24_z

Let me feel the love they carry in their hearts

even if it is masked by pain.

Let me have compassion for their pain

even when it is disguised as anger.

May I have the strength to respond to everyone

in a loving and gentle way.

May I take comfort in the knowing

that nothing happens by accident

and in each experience, there is a teaching.

Let me see the blessings in each encounter

I have today.

May I have the courage to extend your love,

which rages inside of me, outward to the world,

freely, joyously, and without attachment.



Copyright © 2001 Julee Duessing

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When The Excavator Shows Up At Your Door.



It is 6 AM and I take a peaceful walk in the garden. I look to see if the beautiful zucchini plants have left another gift. Lots of volunteer tomato plants have popped up crowding out the coveted peppers and weaving their way through the rows of carrots. The kale has escaped munching from visiting deer that come in the darkness.  Then I glance over and see THEY have already been here this morning. The big box full of testing supplies are outside in our yard where the temporary water hose connects to the house. I know my quiet time will be short lived. Soon after I complete my garden exploration the earth starts to vibrate, the high pitch whistle of trucks backing up begins and the pounding and excavating begins for the day. The symphony of noise will continue all day into the evening.

The City is a doing a total reconstruction of our street complete with replacing the old sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water mains and street surface including curb, gutter and sidewalks. I have been dreading it for two years knowing our street was most likely next after the same work was done to an adjacent street. We live in the oldest part of our city with systems over a 100 years old. While I knew it would be loud and inconvenient I had no idea the magnitude of the energetic toll it would take. I decided I could either be anxious and resentful the whole time or use it as an opportunity. The situation was clearly out of my control, it was going to happen and as a bonus, we will get assessed about $3000 for the work.  Perhaps this could be my own inner excavation as I soon learn there is nowhere to hide.

They start prepping months out so it was a constant flow of workman around our home. When the construction makes it way to my front door – there is nowhere to hide. We live in a hundred year old 2 story house. I work out of my home. My office is on the first floor so I decided to take my laptop, go upstairs and set up a card table in a corner of my bedroom to get me through the construction project. Much of the work I do with clients is over the phone, so I figure out if close the windows and keep my AC on I can get through sessions. But when it comes to writing, and planning – it doesn’t help much.  The constant pounding is so intense it feels like the house will collapse. After a few weeks of this…it feels like maybe I will too.

I take my daughter with me to the local coffee house. Here I will work. She picks out a treat, I get soup, fire up my laptop, she on her tablet, and now I will work. I listen to the conversation at the next table between a professor and his student. Darn, their project sounds exciting. They both seem so engaged and I lament never going back to school for a master’s degree in anthropology. Then I remember my propensity to miss classes, cram for exams and that I would really need a doctorate to do much of anything. Ya, good thing I didn’t go back to school. My daughter’s battery is fading and so is my focus as I eat half the scone I was going to bring back to husband. The library! Yes, the library is quiet. I can work and she can pick out some books and play.

I pick out my cubical on the second floor of the library overlooking Main Street. It is quiet. Oh, these chairs are so hard. I connect to the Wi-Fi and spend way too long trying to find the name of a minor league baseball player I once knew for a piece that I am writing. Smells start to waif upstairs from my favorite Asian restaurant in town, Green Tea, which is next door to the library. The actually reality of the smells penetrating through the massive concrete building are slim but I am inhaling it in my mind at least as I start dreaming of Thai red curry while I scan the Internet.

While trying to work other places didn’t seem to help, going to the beach at one of my favorite lakes did. The ungrounded unsafe feeling seemed to ease as I made frequent trips this summer to Sunset Lake with a good friend and our children. While the kids play we chat about our lives and what is coming up for us. Often I was hearing mysaware-1350046_1920elf sounding negative and critical of both myself and others. I don’t like when I get into that mode but I found myself slipping there more and more lately. In particular, I repeatedly expressed frustration at an acquaintance who I felt was being disingenuous. She posts things often on Facebook about her life that seemed to be for show and contradict what she has shared with me. She (let’s call her Betty) often offers a modification of the truth in my communication with her. I am pretty straight forward and have an expectation of other people to be the same way. My friend delicately pointed out to me that I have mentioned my challenges with this person before (okay, a lot) and essentially, why am I still engaging with her at all?

When someone in our lives triggers us as much as Betty was triggering me, clearly there is something to learn from it. I was up high on my self-righteous horse. As the excavation was happening around my house so too was an inner excavation going on. I have been feeling that I have been watching life go by and not fully participating in it.  Betty was out in the world and documenting a piece of it all on Facebook because she needed to be seen in a certain light even though she was hiding in her house most of the time. She wasn’t being authentic. And now hiding in my own house is feeling very uncomfortable and I am calling my own authenticity into question.  What show am I putting on for other people?

The summer was the excavation. This fall is about seeing where the parts of me fit together and building a new foundation. I am still raw, sitting on the floor with all these jigsaw pieces of myself. My soul isn’t going to let me put myself back together in the old way. They just don’t fit that way anymore. Finally – the fear of not moving is greater than the fear of moving. So I am taking the first step and putting in a piece of me – the writer.

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Building Your Unique Cocoon for Transformation

In my office I have a special guest. When it first arrived, it was yellow with black spikes. It is a caterpillar my daughter found in the yard and put into an indoor butterfly habitat filled with fresh leaves and a long stick. Our cats were quite fascinated with the little creature – staring at it and smelling it, with an occasional tap on the cage. It needed a quiet place without prying claws so into my office it came. After researching what kind of glorious butterfly it would turn into, we found out it is a moth caterpillar. Slightly disappointed, but still enthusiastic, we watched it and waited. In just a few days it had spun its cocoon and attached to the side of its habitat. And there it waits for transformation. The cats are no longer interested in it as there is no movement or new smells to stir their interest.
I admire the caterpillar’s ability to cocoon. When I think of all the writing I want to do, and all the shifts and changes I would like to create, I dream of being in a cocoon able to block out the rest of the world and just focus on my inner world. Every year I attempt just that and go away by myself for a few days on a retreat. I pack up a big pile of papers, books, my laptop and have a long To-Do list of the work I will get done. What often happens is NOT the accomplishment of the To-Do list. It is usually a lot of exhaling and time just to be and connect with my soul. It would help if I chose not to connect with the WI-FI, which even at my favorite north woods retreat center run by Franciscan Sisters is blessed with a strong signal. But like a big bag of Doritos – it is hard to ignore.

I work out of my home so it is not like I don’t have quiet alone time. The challenge is the allowing of being quiet and going within. My day starts around 6:30 with a mad rush to get my daughter up and ready to get to the school bus on time which she conveniently picks up at the YMCA. Every weekday I am faced with – do I work out now….or go home and get work done and maybe… maybe go later. Once home, I feel the urgency to jump on email and Facebook to respond to the needs of clients, friends, and volunteer commitments. And well, to just get enmeshed in everything that is going on in the world that serves as a HUGE distraction from being truly present for my life. It seems like it would be the opposite because I am connecting with people and being active in the world from my computer screen. But it all comes down to filling my head and my heart with noise, so much noise that I can’t hear my own heart. We’re all guilty—so much noise that we can’t hear our soul speaking the truth without fear or shoulds.

One of my favorite books is Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus. It contains many nuggets including one that has held deep meaning for me for years.

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked.
“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”


A caterpillar instinctively makes that decision. It picks its spot, spins its cocoon, and deliberately creates that transformation. We need to be deliberate, too, in the decision to create change in our lives. Unfortunately for most of us, we can’t cocoon ourselves in our homes, or in a cabin in the woods (another fantasy!), or in a house by a beach. Steven King wrote his first novel in the evening in his laundry room after working his day job and JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter in a coffee shop. Maybe the transformation you seek begins at your local gym, or in a corner of your living room, or gets a jump start from an inspiring workshop or retreat. For most of us, the transformation takes place out in the world supported by steps that nurture our curiosity and peak our desires enough to move through the discomfort of change. The question becomes – are we willing to get uncomfortable? Can we be deliberate in our quest for transformation and build our own unique cocoon that begins the journey? I believe we can.

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Are You a Dream Crusher?

I strategically picked out a spot at my daughter’s swim team practice. It was at the end of a long bench that allowed for optimal back support, unobstructed views of practice, and was isolated enough that I could read a chunk of a juicy book about the adventures walking the Camino de Santiago. Or so I thought. Fifteen minutes into practice and the woman at the other end of the bench slides down and shows me a picture on her phone. “Isn’t this the cutest?” It’s a picture of young girls wearing a beach towel made into a mermaid tail. “Yes, it is cute,” I reply. I have never seen or met this woman before. It is preseason so there are several new families trying out the team. I go back to reading my book. “I am planning a combination mermaid/pirate party for my son and daughter’s birthdays. I just love planning parties!” She continues on to tell me about her dilemma of coming up with a mermaid favor for the party. She is thinking of making these towels. I nod, and go back to reading. More Pinterest pictures appear on her phone as she reaches over to share. I shut my book. Reading seems futile at this point and, since she is a new to the team, I decide to forgo for another day discovering the wisdom that walking 500 miles brings.

My new friend tells me about the cowboy party she gave complete with a horse showing up to give the kids ride. “Everyone says I should be party planner. They all want me to plan their parties. I would love to do that, but it wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t make money.” A statement like that for me is like tossing raw meat in front of a lion…so I take the bait. I ask her some questions and, after sharing a few ideas, it is clear she is convinced she can’t have a job doing what she loves. Realizing her mind is made up—and she is not paying me to coach her—I let go. I have always been passionate about helping people manifest their dreams, but I have learned they have to have a willingness to believe it is possible.



I look out at the pool. “Yes, that is it!” I hear a coach scream as a swimmer perfects her dive. I remember watching my daughter at four being terrified to jump off the diving blocks during swim lessons. Then at five, she began swim team, learned how to dive, and competed in her first swim meet. She was scared before that first meet and almost backed out. During the 50 meter freestyle race, she dived in, turned around, and started swimming backstroke! I ran from the stands and started yelling to get her attention. It was no use. There were well over a hundred people in the pool area and the noise level was near glass shattering. Her coach was able to stop her after her first 25 and she turned around and swam freestyle the other half of the race. All the other swimmers had finished way ahead of her and the crowd applauded when she finally touched the wall. I thought she might quit after that but she didn’t give up, and is now in her fourth year on the team.

Why do we as adults give up on ourselves so easily – often before we even start? We don’t give ourselves a chance to pursue our passions. We talk ourselves right out of it. Yet, we encourage our children to go for it and not give up. We have more at stake. We have egos to bruise and fears to move through. And of course there is money! Ask yourself what is the belief about money that keeps you from pursing a vocation you are passionate about? Look at your life. Have you boxed yourself in so tightly with mortgage payments, car payments, credit card bills, etc. that you can’t see the wiggle room to pursue your dream? There is a way. When the beat of your soul comes a’ calling and your heart lights up at the thought of being embraced in what you love to do – that is no accident. That is part of your purpose. Your divine right. There is a way. Crack that door open and allow yourself to explore the possibilities. And stop saying, “ya, but.” Let go of the money and just begin the journey. What does the dream look like? What information do you need? Who can you talk to who has done what you want to do or has pieces of the passion puzzle to share? Begin. The world need you and your passion. As Martin Luther King said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Talk about your dream to those who are supportive, watch doors start to open, and people begin to appear to help you manifest your vision. Who knows, you may even have a million dollar party planning business!

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Why Not Be The Voice in the Room?

“What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right. ~ Howard Cosell

It was seventh grade and he was the most popular teacher at our school. There was overcrowding in my grade; we had 6 seventh grade classes. Over the holiday break we received a letter at home announcing the school was creating a seventh class made up of a few kids from each of the other classes. We were to be class 7-7.

We were a rowdy bunch, but developed a good comradery early on. Since schedules were already set, we seemed to be an extra class for some teachers. One teacher, Mr. Iz, had us for two classes – English and Science. He was the “cool” teacher. He wore jeans to school, had a long pony tail and beard, and tried to be buddies with the kids. I heard what a great teacher he was. For some reason however, he chose not to teach during our class times. He would sit and read Sports Illustrated, the girls would play jacks, and boys flipped paper footballs back and forth. A favorite pastime we engaged in was trading barbs back and forth with him, one I excelled at. It was the strangest thing, day after day this went on. Very occasionally, we would so some school work.

One rare occasion, he asked us to write a paper. Instead of writing a paper, I went home and wrote him a letter. Before he entered the room, I told the class what I had done and had everyone sit quietly on one side of the room. He walked in and had a look of shock to see the class sitting there silent. He asked what was going on and I told him I wrote a letter to him that I would like to share with the class. The essence of the letter was that we had the right to learn and he– being our teacher–was obligated to teach. When I finished reading it out loud, a single tear rolled down his cheek. He asked for the letter and then he opened a book and began to teach.

He was exceptionally hard on me the rest of the semester and some of the other kids eventually got tired of having to actually do work in class instead of messing around…although there was still some of that. I never understood why he acted that way with our class. To this day, people still talk about what a great teacher he was. He was the teacher I learned the least from….or maybe the most. I learned that you have to stand up for what you believe in even when others don’t or can’t or won’t. Sometimes, you have to be the voice in the room so that everyone can benefit. In seventh grade, I learned there can be a cost to that. However, the cost of staying silent is much greater.

Often over the years, I have been that voice in the room on many occasions. Recently, the opportunity came up again when I laid out some concerns I had with an organization I am involved with. A great dialog ensued, but what surprised me was the comment that no one else had brought these issues up before despite the fact that many obviously had an opinion to share. So although I participated in several conversations with constituents of the organization, no one wanted to be the voice that challenged those who were in charge and could actually address the concerns.

It is often easier just to let someone else do it or live with the status quo. We don’t want to stand out or risk people not liking us if we disagree or challenge them.

As women, this is 4741686942_6f0bb0016d_boften particularly difficult as we’re often conditioned to           “be nice” and “not to make waves.”

With events going on in the world today, and political decisions being made that appear irrational, many of us are feeling very disempowered. So we talk among ourselves feeling angry and frustrated. Decisions are being made that directly impact several areas of our lives. Look around you in your everyday life and see where you can make an impact. Maybe you are not moved to be a political activist, but maybe there is something going on in a part of your world, your life, or that of your family where you can make a difference by being that voice in the room. The energy it takes to hold back is much greater than what it takes to stand up and be that voice. So have a little courage. Be that voice in the room. Your soul knows what it’s doing.


Golden opportunity coming up to learn how to get clarity and listen to your soul’s wisdom by learning to access the Akashic Record. This is a one of a kind workshop that will empower you to be the voice in the room and gain a greater understanding of the world today from this profound domain of consciousness. ”Living Empowered in Turbulent Times” will be held June 13-14 near Wausau, Wisconsin. Click on the link below to grab your spot before they are all gone!

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