Life Lessons from a Cardinal and Two Free Wheeling Squirrels

 Two snowstorms, little food and a focused mission, she never gave up. I have been watching the cardinal for the past few weeks. She fancies a large honeysuckle bush just outside my office window. At first I thought she was foraging for food. That bush attracts birds in all seasons, even now when it is bare. I then noticed she was picking off the small branches. She would pick one off, hop down, drop it, get back in the tree, hop down again, pick it up and fly off. She worked tirelessly. I realized she was gathering materials to build her nest.  A male cardinal was also in the vicinity. He would hang out in nearby trees and come down to the bush on occasion.

I called my husband over. “Looks she is doing all the work and he is just up in a tree watching her.”

“Yes, he is protecting her.”

“Are you sure?” I asked suspiciously.

“Yes, he makes sure she is okay.”

“I hope with all the branches she is taking the tree will be okay.” I said. “Will the braches grow back?”

“Yes.” Bill answered “And often two will grow in its place.”

Hmm, nature trusts and has its own flow. One is not taking from the other but in reality it is helping it grow. Natural pruning.


I was memorized watching her. She let out a beautiful call and the male came swooping down, and they came together beak to beak which looked like a kiss, and then flew off.

After witnessing that I did a little research. Cardinals mate for life and what looked to me like a kiss, was actually part of their mating ritual where the male finds food and feeds it to the female beak to beak. If the mating is a hit, which apparently it was, the ritual can continue all the way through little missy incubating her eggs.

I watched her on and off until after 5:00 and she was still going strong. I have my morning coffee with her at seven the next day and she was already hard at work. No nine to five for this mama.

It is said that cardinals are messengers from heaven. I look at her, what message do you have for me?  “Chill out woman!” she says. Being a worrier, a lot of inconsequential things have been taking up way too much space in my head. I have a growing affection for this bird.

With the cold spring and April snowstorms, food is very scarce for the birds and other wildlife.  My daughter fills up a tin of cardinal food, throws in some raisins for the robins and puts it down by the bush. Chickadees, wrens, red finches, sparrows, robins and mourning doves come to feast.

Soon the squirrel “toddlers” who were born in our maple tree last fall, come and play in the bush and eat the food. I am concerned I just messed things up for the cardinal because now she is not hanging around. I go out to move the pan of food away from the bush. From my window it looks like a good chunk of the 2 feet of snow that fell over the weekend has melted.

When I get out there I realize it is an illusion and now the top layer of snow is crunchy ice. Ug, I decided falling in the snow wouldn’t be helpful to me or the cardinal. I look around for a way to lasso the pan of bird seed but realize the unlikelihood of that working so I go back inside and decide to let go and let nature take its course.

When I get back to my office, I look out and there is the cardinal grazing at the pan of food. She goes back in the bush and then flies into the nearby maple tree where the squirrel siblings are playing.

Yesterday, I was away in the morning and didn’t see the cardinal all afternoon. Surprisingly I was feeling a bit sad. At some point she would be done building her nest, lay her eggs and her mama duties would keep her away from the bush, but it felt so empty not seeing her.

This morning she came by for a brief visit. Hung out in the bush and got some food that my daughter replenished yesterday. Squirrels were busy call morning taking the sunflower seeds and burying them in the yard. The harsh spring seems to have them busier than usual and still burying their seeds. A couple years ago we planted sunflower seeds all along one side of the yard. Sure enough, the squirrels dug up each and everyone one of them. Now, perhaps this summer we will find some surprise flowers popping up where they might have forgotten their stash.

Confession: while I love nature I never paid that close of attention to it as I have in the last few weeks. Maybe the harsh spring has me being more mindful of nature and the cycle of life. I feel such a connection to the cardinal and to the squirrel siblings. The squirrels are fun to watch especially when they play in our tire swing.

I got quiet again and connected with cardinal for a message.


Focus – do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family. Don’t stop until the job is done. You can get support from others – from your husband, but you are the one to do the work. It is your job. Work with what is around you and available. Everything you need you already have. You don’t need to look far.

And then with the squirrels.

Squirrels – We play, we get distracted but we take care of our needs and plan for the future. We work hard and play hard. We get support from each other. We value our home.

The messages both made sense and were quite timely for me. While I felt clear about the message from the cardinal and the squirrel, I wanted to get another layer of their wisdom. I decided to connect with them through my Akashic Record. The Akashic Record is the record of every soul and their journey and includes universal wisdom of all that exists in the world. I use it for many things in my coaching practice with clients as well as teaching people how to access it for themselves. I use it for a way to connect to Spirit and for insights and healing. I have used the Records to connect with animals before including my own pets. Here is what the cardinal and the squirrel shared.


I speak to you from an open heart. The world is my world. I do not hunt for predators. I focus on what I need to do for my family. I am aware of others and do not change my behavior based on their reaction to me, not like you do. I respond to their behavior – I do not alter my goal. I build my nest, they do not stop me from that. I may avoid their presence if I fear they will injure me. Nothings is personal in nature. The squirrel has nothing against me. It just wants the same seeds as I do. He is bigger so he will win, but I can watch from high above and detect when the coast is clear. It is not personal is the message. People just want what they want – it is not about you.


Work in partnership. Things are easier and more fun that way – but still be your own “person” and work with nature because that force will not change, run away or abandon you.

Great insights again from my friends…at least I feel like they are friends. There is so much wisdom available to us when we tune in, whatever method we choose. What are your takeaways from messages from the cardinal and the squirrel? Please share in the comments.


If you would like to learn how to access the Akashic Record to get your own insights on your life and world around us, I am offering an in person class. Click on the link below.

Learn to Access the Akashic Record

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My Mother My Friend

Today, on International Women’s Day, I reflect back on strong women who have influenced my life. There is no one who has more powerfully impacted me than my own mother. I want to share a poem I wrote for her as the woman I knew started to slip away. I am honored to be her daughter and pray that I am even half the mother to my daugther as she was to me.


My Mother, My Friend

Loves fearless never holding back.

Defends her young like the fiercest grizzly protecting her cubs.

Questions the world around her and earnestly seeks the answers.

Gives of herself to help others discover their best.

She is My Mother, My Friend.


Sees greatness in me when all I can see are my limitations.

Believes in me when I can’t see through the darkness.

Finds me when I try to hide.

Is a beam of light in my darkest hours.

She is My Mother, My Friend.


She is my confidant and I am hers.

She loves like no other.

She has taught me how to love unconditionally.

She is beautiful beyond measure.

She is My Mother, My Friend.


2007 Julee Duessing

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Dark Night of the Soul Becomes an Opportunity for Morning Light

Some days, a perfect storm brews in our everyday lives that is a gateway for the dark night. There may be no grand event that triggered it. Looking through the peep hole in the fence of our lives in the third dimension, it may seem quite ordinary.  The soul knows no boundaries and if we choose to walk between worlds and live a mystical life, we can wrestle with the dark night. We can do this mystic or not. I share this with you in raw form. I share it so that maybe if your dark night comes, you will know you are not alone. You will know it is a call from your soul, to listen and let go.

It is Friday night, we are getting ready for Shabbat, which is a sacred time, an exhale from the busyness of the world. It goes from sundown to sundown but the truth is for our family, it is mostly observed on Friday night. We look forward to this time of connection. I asked my daughter to turn on the oven and when I go to put dinner in, I see it is not on, only dashes and no temperature. I feel frustrated and angry, dinner and the start of our Shabbat will be delayed. Today is opening day of a favorite ice cream shop and my husband promised my daughter he would take her, and now it will be late before that can happen. She has a swim meet tomorrow and has to get a good night’s sleep. I feel my anxiety building, a crazy kinda out of control feeling. My mind darts in 10 different directions including the week ahead.

My birthday is coming up and while some friends celebrate theirs all month long (a great tradition) my month is usually filled with calculation. What can I get done in time before my birthday so that I will feel good about celebrating? I reflect on my business – what I have accomplished this year? What can I still do in the time remaining? How much weight can I lose before my birthday? What space can I clear? I feel that the best gift I can receive are those that I give to myself…but at what cost?

Shabbat, is a holy time filled with blessings.  I could barely light the candles. It is said that when a woman lights the Shabbat candles and says the blessing, she is aligning herself with G-d/Spirit and a sacred opening is created. I feel out of alignment and pray for help to take away the darkness. I feel guilty that I am carrying this anger with me during this sacred time. Every week after the candles are lit, we give a special blessing to our daughter and tonight, I ask my husband to do it as I am not feeling like a carrier of Light. Our tradition is to then share with her something from the week that we are particularly proud of her for. She looks forward to it and although I am struggling… I remember her enthusiasm for a new level of learning she is doing in her spiritual journey. I sense the presence of the Light as I feel into her joy and connection.spiral-1037508pix

My capacity for holding that light diminishes throughout dinner.  It has been a week filled with deep intense spiritual work with my coaching clients and in my personal work. I hear the call that is being asked of me as it gets louder. It has been a week with tragedies in our country. A week with my hormones especially out of whack. I am not a pleasant dinner companion to say the very least. Even I wish I could walk away from me but here I am. My husband and daughter escape to the ice cream shop…and there I am with myself.

I try writing, focusing on what is coming up. I let the tears flow but there is an anger, rage, hopelessness inside of me. I look about and I know there is good and exciting possibilities around me but I can’t get there. I have a toolbox full of things to support me yet I cannot reach for them. Then I realize, this is the dark night of the soul. I have been here before…always on the cusps of a huge spiritual shift, one that I may be resisting. It is the call that I have been hearing, feeling into, but not fully embracing because what will it ask of me?  The Oxford Dictionary describes the dark night of the soul this way “a period of spiritual desolation suffered by a mystic in which all sense of consolation is removed.” Inconsolable indeed.

I allow myself to just be in it. To just be. They come back from eating ice cream and tell me all about the new flavors and I smile at their enthusiasm. I take my gratitude journal in hand before bed. A practice my husband and I have done together for many years. Write 10 things every night we are grateful for – even on the darkest days…or nights. I find myself writing TRUST OVER HOPE, several times and ending with…HOPE FOR TOMORROW.

Morning comes, I say the Modeh Ani prayer, which gives thanks for your soul returning to your body. This morning I am most grateful for its return. I feel lighter. I feel the presence of Grace and connection. My husband and I have our morning embrace and I apologize for how I acted yesterday. He apologizes for not being more understanding. While he doesn’t fully realize the challenges of the dark night he is my partner on this journey and wants to support me. I am grateful and make a mental note to add this to that evening’s gratitude entry.

Understanding the roller-coaster nature of our journeys, particularly when we embark on being aligned at a soul level to bring forward our calling, makes it easier. Reflecting on my upcoming birthday, I decide to embrace it as a rebirth rather than a massive to do list…and to just BE. The truth is every day is a rebirth. I wrote this while back and posted it on a picture to my Facebook business page – When you engage your heart in what gives your life meaning, happiness is a natural outcome. I believed it when I wrote it and believe it even stronger today.

This morning, I thought about what are my most joy filled passionate things to do – Being with my family, swimming in lakes and working with clients in my spiritual life coaching business. I love helping woman crystalize their calling and creating a path to manifest it. Now, if I can do all three at once that would be awesome! Actually, I realized I have – informally at least. I have had some wonderful coaching sessions in the middle of Sunset Lake while the family is on the beach! I have supported clients in their callings to ~ write and publish the book inside of them ~ start a school ~ meet their mates ~ start a business ~ travel the world ~ bring forward their healing abilities and find the peace they have been longing for.

My brother has a birthday tradition of doing a birthday workout. Pushing himself further every year as he gets older. While I have participated in some of my own physical birthday workouts, this year I decided to push myself in a different way – to do something I have never done before. I decided to bring something new into my work that excites me and benefits those who are ready to take a leap!


For my birthday present to myself, I am sharing a sneak peek at a gift for you! It is my brand new FREE challenge – 5 Days to Finding Your Life Purpose! What am I supposed to do? Is one of the most common questions I get when working with people. I dislike “supposed to, have to” so I will take you on a journey to get clear and have ownership over your dreams.
You can do this from the comfort of your home. More info will be coming soon. If you want to get on the list to get all the details, message me your email address and say “I’m in”.

The dark night has brought new beginnings. Help me celebrate my birthday and give yourself a gift!

Click Here to get on the challenge list by sending your email address.

Message Me!


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The Blinding Flash of the Obvious That Stops You From Manifesting


It is Sunday morning and I am enjoying a rich cup of coffee with just the right balance of cream and coconut sugar. The house is quiet, it is cloudy and cold out as winter is trying to make an early appearance in October.  I am feeling kinda blah. I am in that in between weekend coming off teaching one workshop and preparing for another one. Lots of energy moving through me as I release what is coming up and prep for new things. However, sometimes, like now, things don’t always get released, rather they stay stuck like glue and I ruminate over them again and again.

I am watching the clock as I have to get ready soon to leave for Soul Motion. A Soul Motion session is described as “… explore intention, free-form dance, and movement supported by alive recorded music and simple guided facilitation in what can be called Soul Motion, body prayer, movement meditation, or conscious dance. “ My friend Mark is facilitating this and I committed to going. He creates a great session and I know it can be a powerful healing practice as I did it weeks ago and had a profound experience. But…now, I don’t feel like being with my thoughts and feelings nor being fully present in my body. I get another cup of coffee and scroll through Facebook.

A friend who I invited to the event messages me that she would love to come but… her spirit couldn’t make it out the door. I shared my own resistance and that I know doing this I will have to be with myself for 90 minutes in a different way, while having to face some things that I would rather not. I share about the need to show up even if we don’t feel like it when we know it will be good for us. By now I have convinced myself as well as my friend.  I close my laptop, put on my big girl panties, a pretty flowy top that makes me feel energized, and I show up to Soul Motion. I move, I dance, I cry, I pray, I sit, get quiet, get loud, and connect with my soul in a physical way. My monkey mind was eventually quieted, inspiration came, and a missing piece to a process was revealed. I survived, I flourished…even though I didn’t feel like it. And my friend, she loved it and was still in her words still “flowing” Sunday night.

Transformation, manifesting …it can be hard. It can be hard because we have to show up…even when we don’t feel like it. It can be showing up to something that we know will help us, showing up to workout, or showing up to a class, or showing up and having a difficult conversation. When we show up for ourselves in our lives, then we can allow Spirit to assist and we can manifest our desires with joy and ease.woman-2888122_1920

Yes, sometimes we intuitively know something is not right for us, but often when it comes to getting uncomfortable, we just don’t want to. That is fine if  you don’t desire something different. But if you do, you need to say yes to yourself even at times when it is inconvenient. We need to invest in ourselves, with our time, money and focus.

The wise spiritual leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson said:

“There are two types of events in life: Good and very good. Sweet and bitter-sweet.

Why bitter-sweet?

Sweet, because from each event in life we grow.

Bitter, because it is so painful to tear ourselves away from who we once were.”

When we look to transform  and step into our highest vision for ourselves, it involves letting go of the parts of ourselves that no longer serves us as bitter sweet as it may be. Freedom is on the other side. Notice when you start showing up for yourself, who else starts showing up for you. Now, what have you been waiting to do? Where do you desire to show up more fully in your life?  Oh, did you just get that googly feeling in the pit of your stomach? Yes, let’s start there.


Would you like to dive deeper into ways to live a more fulfilling life and learn tools that can forever change you life? Julee has one more workshop this year. Click on the link below . Or contact Julee to learn about her private coaching opportunities.


Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through the Akashic Record

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How to Quell the Anxiety of “What If”….

There were paper dolls all over the floor of the back seat of the car I waited in after the accident. I was 5 years old and my family were on our way to a family vacation at a resort in French Lick, Indiana, when our car got hit by a drunk driver. My sister broke her nose, my mom had part of her eye brow cut off and my dad a huge bruise on his stomach. My brothers and I who were sitting in the back seat, came through relatively unscathed, physically that is. I had to ride in the ambulance with the truck driver who hit us. I am sure someone else was with me but I don’t recall. I just remember staring at him lying there. My sister had to stay in the hospital and the rest of us got a motel room. That experience taught me when something good is happening …something bad will follow.

My Dad wanted to make up for the vacation that never was and for the accident. So later that year, he flew us all to Florida. What I remember most about it is lots of water, and that my sister and I got new matching outfits, she always had the red version and mine was blue. It would seem that experience would teach me that after something bad, something good would follow, but that didn’t stick.

The following summer we went to a family camp somewhere in the woods. It was a boys YMCA camp that had one week dedicated to families. Our family shared a cabin and there was swimming and other activities. We were having a great time and then my dad got a call. His mother, my Bubby, died. We packed up and had to leave before the end of camp.

Those early memories have stayed with me and imprinted fear and worry that when things are good, don’t get too comfortable because something bad may happen. You have to always be on alert! Since getting married and having a child those feelings seem to have heightened. More people to love and more worry and fear of what could happen to them… or to me.

Being on alert is exhausting and keeps away the very thing I crave most – peace. I come from a long line of worriers. I am the youngest of four children and my dad used to say that he had a worry list. When one of us would come off, someone else was sure to jump on. Every time I would travel out of the country, my Mother would try to be excited but her worry and fear she carried about being out in the world was projected on to me which made preparations difficult. In the end, she would give me her blessing understanding my need to explore the world.

I try to be so bold when I let my 11 year old daughter ride her bike to the Red Box kiosk to return a movie or our neighborhood Co-op to buy bread. I try to make sure I have something to focus on so I won’t keep looking at the clock and letting my mind race to all the “What If’s.” When I wasn’t much older than her, I was taking buses and El trains in Chicago by myself to meet friends at Wrigley Field to watch Cub games. Being on the other end now is different, but I tap into the strength of my mother and loosen my grip…slightly.

Now, I am finding that as I get more excited about new work projects and travel that… “what if worry” is getting magnified. The voice that says, “Don’t get too comfortable…don’t feel too happy.” Recent events in the world help to magnify the worry. And it is not even winter yet. That brings along its own worry about weather and safe travels. Although when I am in a heighten state of alert, a beautiful sunny day and my husband and daughter driving 35 miles north for the morning, can bring on a mild state of anxiety until they return. sea-2777535_1920 (1)

Bad things happen …to everyone. No matter how much we hold our breath, no matter how much we worry AND  no matter how much we are happy and enjoying life. Being in a state of worry is the opposite of trusting in Spirit/Source/G-d and can put manifesting our desires to a screeching halt.  So, how do we shift out of it? Here are some things I find helpful. 

1. Focus on what you can control not on what you can’t.

What is going on in your life that you may be avoiding? Is it a project you want to do, something that will move you out of your comfort zone? Is there a self-care item you have been putting off like eating well, exercising, taking care of health concerns, etc. Is there a dream or desire you are ignoring? Focus your attention inward, and check in with yourself. Take action on what you have been avoiding. This will empower you and bring you back to what you can do to support yourself.

2. Meditate, Pray, Write, Get inspired

Take a few minutes to get quiet, out of your head and into your heart. Our heart is the source for truth and wisdom.  A real simple thing is to close your eyes, take some deep breaths, put your hand over your heart but not touching, just giving it energy. Ask for a message and connect with what is your truth not your fear. Let whatever feelings are there come up and be released.

If you feel comfort in prayer, which I do, pick up a something that calls to you and read it…or just talk to Spirit. We are never alone and there is always support around you. One of my favorite sources is Marianne Williamson’s book, Illuminata: A Return to Prayer. It contains prayers and wisdom for most things you can think of…even worry.

Writing about what is coming up for you is a healing way to find out what may be the source of fears and help open you to new ideas. Writing is a great way to release what you are holding on to so tightly and tap into the wisdom of your soul.

3. Move

Connect with your body, move some energy and release some feel good endorphins! Go for a walk, hop on a bike, put on some snow shoes and get out in nature. Put on some music and sing and dance. Play with your animals or as I often doing on the anxious Sundays, go to the Y for a swim!

4. Gratitude

Focus on what is good in your life and all the love and abundance you do have. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for many years. Most nights before bed, my husband and I write 10 things we are grateful for even on the roughest of days. I always commit to writing 10 even if he falls asleep before we are through.  Some days, the list is filled with spectacular things. Most days it is filled with the more mundane like, our cars are still running, leftovers for dinner (yay, no cooking), rain for the garden. What often is written is the phrase – Trust Over Hope.

 5. LET GO!

Easy to say right? Truth is, we are not in charge of everyone else and the world around us, as much as we would like to be it is not in our human being job description. We are empowered creators of our desires. When we are in a state of worry, anxiety and fear we squelch that power. Worse yet, we will energize the things we don’t want by focusing on them. I will let you in on a little secret, when my monkey mind starts going to all the crazy negative places, I will say…out loud…even in public places….SHHHH…sometimes my head even shakes! It works. I cut off the negative “what ifs” and move on.

We all deserve good in our lives, and for some of us learning to accept and relish the joy is new and a decision we need to make every day. As Ralph Marston says – “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.”



Would you like to dive deeper into ways to live a more fulfilling life and learn tools that can forever change you life? Check out Julee’s two upcoming workshops. Or contact Julee to learn about her private coaching opportunities.

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through the Akashic Record Stevens Point

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through the Akashic Record Door County



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Vulnerability Breakthroughs Exposing Your Scars and Diamonds

 When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and let go of numbing agents like food, alcohol, the Internet etc. there is a side effect. Your tolerance for bullshit will go way down and surface wounds may be ripped open and take an express train to the depths of lifetime’s worth of pain. Don’t be scared…it is all good in the end!

A friend recently helped to reignite an old wound. I am grateful because this time when all the rawness hit me, I confronted it. I didn’t respond passive aggressively, didn’t ignore it, didn’t plot a response for some day in the future, didn’t try to feed it and cover it up, rather I made a conscious choice to be vulnerable and dealt with it head on.

From the outside, it may of not of seemed like a big deal. We were making plans to go to an event and I felt slighted, left out, not valued etc. When I got a text about the evening, it triggered a deep wound. The pain I was feeling seemed out of proportion. However, over the last few weeks I made a big commitment to myself and to G-d. I committed to living my life in a more authentic vulnerable way. This includes going on a serious journey of becoming healthier which embraces not using food as a pacifier. In doing, this I have created a space that by its nature forces me to feel things at a deeper level, and when I am being courageous, explore their origins.

I had this image of the game Battle Ship and my friend had the red pegs to put in my ship and sink it. Sometimes, people in our life who are here to help us learn and grow, seem to know all the right buttons to push, or the red pegs to put into our ships that causes them to take on water.

We always have a choice as to how to respond. Last night I chose to get curious and explore the pain. I have a very old childhood wound (and I am sure it goes back even further) of feeling left out and unimportant. I am the youngest of four kids. I always felt everything that went on at home very deeply, even if it wasn’t happening to me. My Dad would yell at my brothers or sister, they would get mad and I would be the one to cry. The running joke in the house was “Julee has tender feelings.” It was started by my Mom, not as joke, but as a way to help my simasks-827729_1920blings and my Father be more compassionate. Instead the opposite happened and it was used mockingly. That sensitivity has been a great gift in my life and allows me to be successful in the work I do with people. A challenge of being very sensitive personally while being empathetic with others, is understanding when it is not about you (it rarely is), when situations are being presented as a learning opportunity. At the same time, we teach people how to treat us, so we do need to acknowledge our feelings and express how we want to be treated.

Brené Brown, writes in her book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead: “Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

If we don’t accept who we are, imperfections and all we will never feel included. That is the journey I have been on. I have stopped waiting until…..I lose more weight, I get organized, I have figured it all out etc. I am taking imperfect action in my life and it feels incredibly freeing! I invite you to do the same.

When we show up for ourselves, as ourselves in our lives, we attract others who are doing the same and they will be there to encourage and support us. I have seen that more and more over recent weeks and I am excited to deepen those mutually supportive relationships.

As Oriah Mountain Dreamer says, in her poem, The Invitation –

“It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it, or fix it.”

With the recent Equinox where the daylight and darkness are in balance for a day, we are now entering the darkest time of the year. It is a slow decent and a great time to let what is seeking light inside of you come up and show you its gifts. As I teach in my workshops, allowing yourself to go deep and peel off another layer may hurt momentarily, but that is how muscles get built. And those muscles help to support manifesting your deepest desires and living an abundant, joy filled life. Have a great workout!


Are you looking for some support to go deep and build those spiritual muscles? Check out Julee’s two upcoming workshops. Or contact Julee to learn about her private coaching opportunities.

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through the Akashic Record Stevens Point

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through the Akashic Record Door County


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Decluttering, the Emotional Agony And Rewards


I once wrote in a personal profile description, that I could solve the Middle East peace problem easier than I could organize my office. Still remains true today.

The time has come, for real this time, to confront the unruly piles of papers, boxes filled with stuff, half sorted through projects, files of “miscellaneous”, books (oy the books!), office supplies, and all kinds of organizing contraptions that were destined to bring order to the chaos.

The other night I shared my intention to clear my office during a meeting of my business mastermind group. A colleague said she had the cleanest house ever when she was avoiding working on a project, and asked if perhaps I was avoiding something. Her point was valid. I have friends that clean and organize when they are avoiding something or feel out of control in other areas of their life. I, however, much to my husband’s dismay, never have that problem. I have plenty of other avoidance tactics, but cleaning is not one of them. In fact quite the opposite.

When it comes to manifesting, “clearing one’s space” is a common process. One must get rid of the old to bring in the new. I know this deep into my bones. I use this with my clients in my coaching practice. It’s my own implementation, however, that remains a challenge. When I have done it, I have experienced amazing results! But, just like knowing that eating a heaping plate of veggies will feel better than a plate of fried chicken, I don’t always do what is best for myself.

I have attention deficit disorder. I have had it since I was a kid but we didn’t know what it was back then. I never had the hyperactivity part of it. My mom would send me up to my room and tell me to clean it and I would just kinda play around because I couldn’t create order out of all the stuff. It came to light in a big way when I was in 7th grade and my parents found out I was 25 assignments behind in math. I couldn’t focus in math and the teacher, Mrs. Lewin, yelled a lot and when she did, spit would come through her teeth. Yeah, it was gross and made it even harder to focus—except for the kids in the front row who needed rain ponchos to protect themselves.  Not much was done about my undone assignments, but my mom kept a closer watch and made sure that my math book made its way from the bottom of the steps after school into my room, where it was presumed to be opened and worked on.

One of the reasons I love working in the Akashic Record, the vibrational record of the soul’s journey, is that it is a great focusing tool. Opening the Record is a very clear, direct process. The energy comes in to support the process and helps me to concentrate. It helps my monkey mind stay focused on what is most important to support me in the now while giving glimpses into what is possible. I feel empowered and energized. On more than one occasion—, okay, on lots of occasions—. I get the guidance to clear my space….especially my office. Now, there are ways of energetically clearing space that is very helpful, but physically getting rid of what is no longer serving you is one of the most powerful things you can do. And for me, one of the hardest.

When I clear my space, it is all about decisions and it is confrontive. In my office I have years’ and years’ worth of projects—some completed, some not. I have notes on tons of calls, webinars, and course work. Client files, program files, books that held such promise that were never completed, some not even opened. Report cards and projects from my daughter, travel information, tax information, receipts, recipes, insurance policies, journals, love letters,  heaps of half-filled notebooks that surely contain brilliant life- changing information! There are the piles of things to read, to do, inspiration, thank you cards, prayers, and pictures. Workshop paraphernalia, travel memorabilia, magazines, craft supplies, essential oils, flower essences, supplements, nail polish, even a pillow for the cat! Yes, I know all these things don’t belong in my little 10’x10’ office, but here they sit along with countless other tchotchkes.

Before I can even organize, I have to go through and purge and sort. I checked the calendar and no one really has to come over for the next 2 weeks. Phew! I have now taken over the living room with boxes, bags, papers, and other stuff from the office. My daughter wanted to watch TV last night and, as she looked around for a place to sit,.   I yelled, “ – DON”T TOUCH ANYTHING!” Of course, the cats don’t respect the clearing process. They climb into the sorted boxes and chase balls, knocking over the painstakingly sorted piles. Last night, as my husband strategically searched for a place to move a few things so he could squeeze into a tiny corner of the couch, I said,. “You know this is the hardest thing in the world for me to do.” He nodded. He has lived with me a long time. Thankfully, he also gets how important it is for me to do this.  artwork-142877_1280

One day down and this organizing project has already brought up lots of emotion. My office has been a holding tank of my past—old dreams, disappointments, triumphs. This process is forcing me to make a lot of decisions, helping me to release some of the past, and supporting me in gaining clarity on what I want to create now. Making decisions is one of the most empowering things we can do! As Tony Robbins says, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

I have only gotten through a minuscule chunk so far, but I am not giving up this time. I am committed to eating that elephant one bite at a time. Bon appétit!

I invite you to check out my latest offering on Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire through the Akashic Record. Don’t wait! It is coming up very soon! Make the decision to shape your destiny!

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire…Through the Akashic Record


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