Prayer for Oneness

I wrote this Prayer for Oneness many years ago. It was inspired by observing a group of people who were fearful of anyone who did not believe as they did. While I was teaching a workshop this weekend, I shared the prayer and was reminded of its timeliness.

Read the prayer and if it speaks to you, please share it.


Dear God,

Help me see the oneness of mankind.

Let me not sit in judgment of others

for I know my judgment of them is a reflection

of my own inadequacies.

Let me know that there is but one heartbeat

that beats to the pulse of your Divine spark.

Let me see this spark in everyone I meet today.5917148794_e31d553b24_z

Let me feel the love they carry in their hearts

even if it is masked by pain.

Let me have compassion for their pain

even when it is disguised as anger.

May I have the strength to respond to everyone

in a loving and gentle way.

May I take comfort in the knowing

that nothing happens by accident

and in each experience, there is a teaching.

Let me see the blessings in each encounter

I have today.

May I have the courage to extend your love,

which rages inside of me, outward to the world,

freely, joyously, and without attachment.



Copyright © 2001 Julee Duessing

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2 Responses to Prayer for Oneness

  1. Susan Kohm says:

    Hi Julie –

    I need to run off to a class but I wanted to say that I am so grateful that you shared this. It is beautiful and exactly on point in my opinion. Thank you and hugs, Susan Susan Kohm The Handmade Life

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