The Blinding Flash of the Obvious That Stops You From Manifesting


It is Sunday morning and I am enjoying a rich cup of coffee with just the right balance of cream and coconut sugar. The house is quiet, it is cloudy and cold out as winter is trying to make an early appearance in October.  I am feeling kinda blah. I am in that in between weekend coming off teaching one workshop and preparing for another one. Lots of energy moving through me as I release what is coming up and prep for new things. However, sometimes, like now, things don’t always get released, rather they stay stuck like glue and I ruminate over them again and again.

I am watching the clock as I have to get ready soon to leave for Soul Motion. A Soul Motion session is described as “… explore intention, free-form dance, and movement supported by alive recorded music and simple guided facilitation in what can be called Soul Motion, body prayer, movement meditation, or conscious dance. “ My friend Mark is facilitating this and I committed to going. He creates a great session and I know it can be a powerful healing practice as I did it weeks ago and had a profound experience. But…now, I don’t feel like being with my thoughts and feelings nor being fully present in my body. I get another cup of coffee and scroll through Facebook.

A friend who I invited to the event messages me that she would love to come but… her spirit couldn’t make it out the door. I shared my own resistance and that I know doing this I will have to be with myself for 90 minutes in a different way, while having to face some things that I would rather not. I share about the need to show up even if we don’t feel like it when we know it will be good for us. By now I have convinced myself as well as my friend.  I close my laptop, put on my big girl panties, a pretty flowy top that makes me feel energized, and I show up to Soul Motion. I move, I dance, I cry, I pray, I sit, get quiet, get loud, and connect with my soul in a physical way. My monkey mind was eventually quieted, inspiration came, and a missing piece to a process was revealed. I survived, I flourished…even though I didn’t feel like it. And my friend, she loved it and was still in her words still “flowing” Sunday night.

Transformation, manifesting …it can be hard. It can be hard because we have to show up…even when we don’t feel like it. It can be showing up to something that we know will help us, showing up to workout, or showing up to a class, or showing up and having a difficult conversation. When we show up for ourselves in our lives, then we can allow Spirit to assist and we can manifest our desires with joy and ease.woman-2888122_1920

Yes, sometimes we intuitively know something is not right for us, but often when it comes to getting uncomfortable, we just don’t want to. That is fine if  you don’t desire something different. But if you do, you need to say yes to yourself even at times when it is inconvenient. We need to invest in ourselves, with our time, money and focus.

The wise spiritual leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson said:

“There are two types of events in life: Good and very good. Sweet and bitter-sweet.

Why bitter-sweet?

Sweet, because from each event in life we grow.

Bitter, because it is so painful to tear ourselves away from who we once were.”

When we look to transform  and step into our highest vision for ourselves, it involves letting go of the parts of ourselves that no longer serves us as bitter sweet as it may be. Freedom is on the other side. Notice when you start showing up for yourself, who else starts showing up for you. Now, what have you been waiting to do? Where do you desire to show up more fully in your life?  Oh, did you just get that googly feeling in the pit of your stomach? Yes, let’s start there.


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Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Through the Akashic Record

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2 Responses to The Blinding Flash of the Obvious That Stops You From Manifesting

  1. Susan Kohm says:

    Julee, some day I am going to have the opportunity to meet you. I love, love this about sweet and bittersweet. Thank you. Susan Susan Kohm The Handmade Life (301)593-3918

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