Julee Duessing has been  a personal growth coach and workshop presenter for over 15 years. Julee has helped many people find the purpose and the gifts in their life challenges while empowering them to manifest their deepest heart’s desires . She is passionate about helping people live meaningful lives by aligning heart, mind and soul. She works with clients around the country and internationally in private coaching programs designed to support you to create your most fulfilling life. In addition to 3 and 6 month coaching programs, Julee offers VIP immersion days which allow for a deep dive and get you the results you need quickly in the most pressing areas of your life. Julee’s signature private coaching program is Journey to Meet Your Mate, Aligning heart, mind and soul to manifest your perfect match.


Contact Julee at JuleeDuessing@yahoo.com for more info on how to begin your journey!


Julee lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin with her husband and daughter. She moved here from Chicago looking for a different quality of life – slower paced, closer to nature, and a stronger sense of community. She strives to find the sacred in the ordinary every day.


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