Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire…Through the Akashic Record


Introducing a new opportunity to learn a profound process and a class designed to focus on manifesting what your heart most desires.

Accessing the Akashic Record is one of the best ways I know to cut through what is holding you back AND getting the support and guidance to catapult you towards your dreams. I have led hundreds of people through this process. People just like you! Here are some of things my clients have manifested through working with this process.

  • Dream job
  • Moved across the country to a place they have been dreaming about
  • Went back to school
  • Traveled to meaningful destinations
  • Started a family
  • Got involved in cause that has called to them
  • Created their own business
  • Healed family relationships
  • Improved their health
  • Found their life partners

Perhaps, most important, people have found a deep sense of who they are and why they are here, while building a greater connection to their soul and Spirit.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Record is a vibrational record of every soul’s journey as well as the possibilities of its path in the future.  The Akashic Record is an aspect of Spirit that when accessed has great potential for healing and guidance.  It is a path that leads to greater alignment with your soul and G-d and can guide you to manifest your deep desires.   The Akashic Record has been referred to in many ancient spiritual teachings and religions.  In the Bible it is called the  “The Book of Life” and the “Book of G-d’s remembrance”.

But what if I don’t really know what I desire?

Are you willing to look deep within to find out? Then you are in the right place. Peeling back the layers that don’t allow you to feel, see, and know your deep longings is part of the discovery process in the class.

Knowing yourself from the reality of your Soul and G-d.
Feeling unwavering love and support that is there just for you anytime you want it.
A simple…powerful…direct way to access profound, guidance, healing and information.
In 2 days to acquire a tool that will forever enhance your life…

What Happens in Class?

Throughout the class you will go on a personal journey of discovery while we look at challenges you may be facing that are stopping you from creating what you most desire.   The means used to access the Record is a sacred invocation. Over the course of the class, you will get attuned to the powerful energy used in the Invocation Process and will be lifted to a place deep inside the Akashic Record. In this class we lay the foundation by primarily working in our own Record and gain an introduction to working with others. Working with others helps to deepen your own work, while being of service, and gaining additional insights.

What this class can do for YOU?

This class lays the foundation for you to…
• Explore your special gifts, abilities and challenges from your soul’s perspective.
• Understand your purpose in this lifetime and how you can manifest your deepest desires.
• Experience Oneness with Spirit in a way that is uniquely meaningful to you.
• Communicate with and gain insight from people who have passed on.
• Receive guidance on business and creative projects
• Gain perspective and insights into relationships in your life
• Discover your soul’s other lifetimes and see how past lives may be influencing your life right now.
• Gain an introduction to working with others.
• Access understanding to global and local events and the world around you.

What is it like being in the energy of the Akashic Record?

 It is different for each person. Sometimes it feels like you are having a conversation, you can have physical sensations, see things in your mind’s eye. Overall, it is a loving energy. You may have bumped into it before. Those moments of crystal clarity, a deep knowing, a deep feeling of love and sense of oneness. Imagine having that when you want and need it and not just by chance!


Here is what some recent participants have said about Julee and the class:

“I was not sure exactly what to expect and it blew all of my ideas out of the water. I felt like the class flowed well from one discussion or exercise to the next. I loved that we put specific short term intentions into words and committed to them. Overall I was thrilled with the experience
Julee is very intuitive, she has a good read on where everyone’s comfort level is and how to gently push for more. I also appreciate her direct and honest feedback. She clearly knows what she is talking about and has developed a wonderful curriculum to guide her students into a deeper connection with God and themselves.”

“…The class help align me with my true self…. breaking down the walls that I have built up again for my personal growth and build what I want out of this life for myself and daughter and my “tribe”
Really enjoy listening and experiencing your (Julee’s) knowledge … I admire your journey that you’ve shared with us and it encourages me to create my own journey with and without flaws … ”

~ Theresa

“I felt guided by a warm, knowledgeable, forthright teacher. The investment of my time and resources were completely worth it. Julee is one of the most enthusiastic and loving instructors I have ever worked with. Her passion for guiding others to manifest their dreams and loving destiny is remarkable. Her personal attention to each of us made the experience powerful. Her place of internal peace shines. “

“Julee is a magnificent teacher, and very knowledgeable in the Akashic Records. I’ve taken an Akashic Records class with Julee, and she’s done a reading for me. I learned so much about myself in that class and reading, and much more after the class ended. Learning how to access the Akashic Records, was one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made. It changed my life for the better. It put me on a path of finding direction and finding out what I’m capable of. I highly recommend taking this class with Julee.
~ Janet


Click on the links below to access information on the latest offerings

October 21-22 Stevens Point

November 4-5 Door County Class

About Julee
Julee accesses the Akashic Record through a Sacred Invocation given to her by Spirit. This creates a ladder to come into greater alignment with your soul and G-d. She is passionate about empowering people to live a meaningful life and manifest their deepest heart’s desires. Julee has been sharing the gift of the Akashic Record nearly 20 years. She works with clients around the country and internationally in private coaching programs designed to support you to create your most fulfilling life. She offers VIP immersion days which allow for a deep dive and get you the results you need quickly in the most pressing areas of your life. Julee’s signature private coaching program is Journey to Meet Your Mate, Aligning heart, mind and soul to manifest your perfect match.