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I offer coaching programs designed to support you in manifesting your heart’s desire, aligning heart, mind and soul. I also offer a limited amount of private individual  sessions utilizing the Akashic Record. Below is information about an Akashic Record Session. Additionally, I offer group classes to learn how to access this profound domain of consciousness for yourself.  Stevens Point    Door County


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Akashic Record Session


The Akashic Record is an aspect of Spirit that when accessed has great potential for healing and guidance.  It is a path that leads to greater alignment with your soul and G-d.  It is a vibrational record of every soul’s journey as well as the possibilities of its path in the future.  It records your every thought, intention and action. It also contains the records of places, animals, businesses, organizations, and nature as well as events in the world.  The Akashic Record has been referred to in many ancient spiritual teachings and religions.  In the Bible it is called the  “The Book of Life” and the “Book of G-d’s remembrance”.

I access the Record with a sacred invocation that lifts me deep inside the Record as the energy of this high dimension descends upon us.  During this time, I am in connection with the energy of your soul and Spirit.  I relay to you what I am seeing, sensing, and hearing.  When the Record is first opened initial impressions usually come through and then we begin with your questions.  We take those questions into the Record to use as a starting point, and then let Spirit become the navigator of the session.  In addition to information that comes forward, a profound healing energy is present.  You may experience intense emotion and begin to have realizations about events in your life, patterns that are present and feelings you have experienced.  It is important to allow those feelings to come up and release the energy that is moving through you.

In preparation for our session, please reflect upon areas in your life where you would like greater clarity and guidance, and make a list of questions.  Your openness is an important factor in determining what happens during a session and what Spirit can bring forward.  Information is provided to help you in your life right now and move you towards a more peaceful enriching life. In confidentiality, I share with you everything that is presented to the best of my ability.  Please understand you are responsible for reviewing the information within the framework of your own life.  If you choose to share it with others be conscious of the consequences of that sharing.  I am honored and blessed to come together with you and share the gifts of the Akashic Record.  This is a three-way partnership between You, me, and Spirit – the results of which will unfold during our session together and beyond

Payments are due in advance of the session and include a recording of the session.

Credit cards accepted. To book a session contact me at or message me via Facebook.   Message Julee